The fully equipped compact camera PL80(SL630)



Samsung newly introduced PL-Series of digital camera PL80(SL630). which comes fully equipped with a full range of smart features.


In a light, slim and compact body, the new PL80(SL630)  includes 12.2 megapixel sensor, 28mm wide-angle lens which provides 5x optical zoom(28mm-140mm / 35mm equivalent).


Advanced Dual Image Stabilization(IS) technology gives users the ability to capture crystal-clear and sharp images. And Smart Auto analyses key elements of the composition of the image such as colour, brightness, motion, and subject, and then selects the appropriate scene mode.


Furthermore, it also includes focus tracking and ‘Perfect Portrait’ system such as Beauty Shot, Face Detection, Self Portrait, Smile Shot and Blink Detection makes.


Steve Mitchell, Marketing General Manager, Samsung Digital Imaging said “With Samsung’s PL-Series, consumers can now enjoy features such as wide-angle lenses with longer zooms, as well as technologies such as Smart Auto, which brings incredible value to the consumer while at the same time, giving them the ability to take their creativity to new levels and take great photos.”


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