NX10:World’s First Limited Offer Event

Samsung had NX10 launch of the first sales event on January 23rd 2010, Seoul, Korea. Only 200 people could buy NX10 for the day, hundreds of people gathered at the booth for this limited offer.


Even though it was an early time, people already lined up
We realized that people have high expectations about NX10


My number ticket for the lottery

It says ‘World’s first limited offer event’



NX10, lenses, and accessories in the showcase got people’s attention

Number tickets were issued to the customers who want to buy NX10 starting at 3PM, and 1 hour later, the lottery started. Also telephoto lenses, tripods, and others were presented by the lottery system. It was a successful event due to many customers having fun time for about 1 and a half hour.


Lottery started. A lot of people gathered


Customers, who won the lottery, were qualified for another prize lottery


I finally got NX10!

I expect that NX10 will create a sensation among the people.


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