Flashing dazzling~ pinkholic ES55(SL102)

Tester as Relief in such boredom~ You know my digital camera~ Such a big size, small LCD window, and 3.4M pixels. I’ve been using this well for a long time, but once I have used the new one, I don’t think I will use the old one. What should I do?01


Comparing ES55(SL102) to cell phone06

It’s shorter than the cell phone. And what about the color? It’s so pretty. It’s good, because it’s not that unique pink. Looking at it, I’m so happy. 


2.5 inch wide LCD. I smiled while taking a self shot. So happy.08

The menu seems complicated, but it’s very convenient to use. Selecting the scene in the mode, you can select it among beauty shot / night scene / portrait / kid / scenery / macro / character / sunset / dawn / backlight / firework / beach / snow.

I don’t know picture setting. Just select things. Then it’s okay.

The beauty makes skin gorgeous. I’m going to use this a lot.14_1

The appearance becomes different, and the circular type battery changes to the exclusive battery of the ES55(SL102). I prefer the exclusive battery. Ah! The USB port has the rubber to prevent from losing. It’s good, because it prevents from losing, but I need to be careful when plugging the USB. I might break the rubber. It should have been better if it wasn’t bothering like this.   17


Isn’t it pretty?

Those pictures are taken by the ES55(SL102). I took a lot of picture yesterday, and I will upload them later. I just show you the first 3 pictures. Pictures are good enough. Thank you for reading~!!20


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