Meeting the WB500 upgraded – WB550

WB550_01CHOIHOGIL WB550_03CHOIHOGIL The most fascinating features of the WB550 is the 24~240mm FOV on 35mm. When buying a compact digital camera, I considered the wide angle the most, so I think the Schneider optical 10x zoom WB550 will help me get various pictures.

WB550_04CHOIHOGIL It’s the upgraded version of the WB500, and the biggest different change is 3 inch LCD screen and 12M pixels. Besides, various features have been applied and I’m going to introduce them soon.

WB550_00CHOIHOGIL These are explanations of the WB550 appearance and buttons. I just tried to post up the unboxing, but now I’m reviewing. It was so hard. As a compact camera, it’s a little thicker, but considering the wide 10x zoom, there’s no difference, I guess. I learn functions by using it for a day, so I’m going to recode my life with this.


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