Meeting the intelligent camera

What a fortune! In 4 weeks, I’m going to have a time with the Samsung IT100 and talk about its strong and weak points. Because I hadn’t seen a new digital camera for a long time, I was surprised at the size of the box. It was so cute and pretty. Today, I’m going to briefly look at the appearance, parts, and package.


The IT100 which is a bit smaller than a card looks small but strong. The overall design is made of strong stainless material and metallic coated with hairline. It’s 0.8cm thicker than the ST50 and has more straight line than curved line. The thickness makes this 30g heavier, but the screen is bigger from 2.7 inch to 3 inch and with the shot mode dial control, shot, and review become convenient. The strap ring at the back helps you hold the camera.

Mine is metallic silver. I’ve expected a metallic product, and I’ve got it. I’m really satisfied with the neat design.


I couldn’t take consistent pictures due to the changing camera.


 A memory card is supposed to be put in with a battery. Around the battery hole, there’s a safety tab, so it prevents the battery from dropping when replacing a memory card.


Others are box package. I was surprised, because the manual is in English.


These are 5 important things I’m going to focus on with the IT100. I need to study hard. Anyway, I like the blue light on the power button very much.


Considering the smoke due to a drought, the picture is good without noise.


The green color of the IT100 seems new to me. It’s like bright and light feeling.


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