I will go on a journey with Samsung ST1000(CL65)!


My name is Jutti.

I received the Samsung camera ST1000(CL65) for VLUU grapher activities. I just started to use it for a couple of days. The ST1000(CL65) is a travel camera for travelers like Jutti!


The pocket-sized digital camera I wanted so much! A small-sized camera in a small handbag (most of time I carry a camera bag but a lady style. sometimes fits me, too!) was always a romance for a woman like me. I finally got it!

Most of all, the GPS and Wi-Fi features are the best for travelers.


I like even better the simple and neat design.


As all the necessary buttons are in a touchscreen, no other buttons are needed.

Any photos taken in receipt of GPS can be uploaded to a website that can allow you to register location information without looking for each location.

Thanks to Wi-FI, you can e-mail photos during a journey. It is so much convenient.

Shall we upload a photo to Google?

If you make your own account on the web site, http://picasaweb.google.co.kr, you can upload photos showing geographic information.


It is even much better to share data with all around the world. Once you upload a photo in receipt of GPS, it will automatically find the location concerned.


You can see the location where I took a photo like this. You will see a lot of photos on Google.

Anyway, let’s travel with me and with the Samsung ST1000(CL65) camera including GPS and Wi-Fi.

This review represents the sole opinion of their individual authors and Jutti and don’t express the opinion of Samsung Digital Imaging Co., Ltd., Samsungimaging.net or the opinion of any affiliates unless specifically marked as such.
For any further questions, or feedback, please visit Jutti


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