First Rendezvous with Samsung’s Strategic Camera ST1000(CL65)

It happened that I became one of the Samsung camera experience group members. Personally I do not like being paid for doing something though. However, my blood type is B so I say what I have to say even though I’m remunerated for my service.

Therefore, I have no intention of fawning too much and I don’t think anyone should do it. So I guess my reviews will be worth as information.

The camera of which I will be reviewing is the ST1000(CL65), one of Samsung’s strategic cameras in second half of the year. If you are interested in cameras, you must have seen an article…

You will find a lot of related articles if you search CL65, the overseas model name.

Above all, thanks to the powerful built-in wireless function, the ST1000(CL65) differentiates itself from other products by sharing photos with a social site without a PC.

GPS allows you to record location information on a photo and you can share photos with websites via Wi-Fi and you can freely send photos to a cell phone or other Bluetooth appliances thanks to an onboard Bluetooth. Isn’t that so cool? Wow! I can’t wait any more!

Now shall we see some photos of the product? I’m quite good at taking a photo of a product.



This is the front image. It does kind of look like aluminum but it’s plastic. However I don’t think it is a regular material but it looks like a reinforced plastics, I guess.

There is a mark ‘GPS’ on the front and ‘Wi-Fi’ on the back, but I couldn’t find a mark ‘Bluetooth’. It, however, surely supports Bluetooth!



This is the back image. The LCD is very large, isn’t it? The size is 3.5-inch and the design is very neat because there is no button thanks to the full touch LCD.

One thing I don’t like is that they did not use SD card as a memory as usual but used MicroSD card. It is a pretty excellent choice in terms of compatibility with the cell phone but the price to capacity does not come up with SD card. Personally I don’t like the small size for fear of losing it.




I now turned the camera on. Isn’t the blue light around the power button pretty? This may be called ‘edgy’? And take a look at the features shown on the back LCD. Personally I do not like a touch interface but for the camera, it is very instinctive and easy to use.


As this product is a sample for the experience group, there is no other accessory but an adapter and cable for charge. Although differently from the previous Samsung digital camera, it is not 24 pin cable for cell phone, I like the USB type of adapter. I really hate to carry a heavy adapter when I travel.


[Samsung ST1000(CL65) 1/45ㅣf/3.6 ㅣISO 320]

This is a photo I took first as soon as I received the camera under auto mode. I simply re-sized.

It is a little difficult for me to say that the noise suppression is good even though it is ISO 320. However, I can say that the auto white balance is pretty precise while it was dark indoor and the color reappearance is not bad. If you ask me how I can opine about the color reappearance with the white desk and cup, well…

Having used it for the last couple of days, it surely made me to cast away my prejudice over the Samsung camera that I had before only looking at the photo performance. It really became much better and can compete with some renowned Japanese digital camera. Well, it still may be difficult to compete with other manufacturers.

One of the reasons I wanted to buy the iPhone was that I can share photos immediately with internet. Now, I can say to the iPhone ‘Go away’!

All the features of this camera made it possible. If you read my postings, SNS users will probably buy this camera, I presume. Your kind attention to my four coming reviews of the features will be highly appreciated.

This review represents the sole opinion of their individual authors and THIRDTYPE and don’t express the opinion of Samsung Digital Imaging Co., Ltd., or the opinion of any affiliates unless specifically marked as such.
For any further questions, or feedback, please visit THIRDTYPE



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