The day before CES opening!

CES’,the world’s biggest show of electronic products, has opened 2010 again.

Samsung has been participated in CES held in Las Vegas from January 1st to 10th in local time. We even had the biggest booth.

Splendid display and various new products are enough to captured attentions of many people.

For that big exhibition, there must be hidden staff working hard.

So, let’s go back to the day just before the opening.


It is still being constructed. Here is the main exhibit hall named ‘Las Vegas Convention center’.


This is ‘3D Cube’ made by 3D TV.


Samsung’s booth is constructed.


Next day, it’s become a fantastic place for the festival.


Our staff is checking the display named ‘Digital Leaves’. it will be greeting customers in the main booth. Dosen’t it look like huge leaves?


When the lights on, everyone’s surprised at its size and splendidness.

The floor of main booth and Digital Leaves all used LED lights

LED is energy-efficient and it changes various colors making available various expressions.


Now it’s like that…


Color changed soon.


Jason Mack, who is in charge of main booth and the lights, has been participating in producting SAMSUNG Electronic’s booth for 4 years.
He said he is pleasant to work with samsung, so he’s looking forward to this exhibition for every year.

This huge and brilliant show could be done well because of them.

We expect next year again.




Oops, what are those cute guys? They are the mascots of Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Do you know that Samsung is the official sponsor of the oympics?


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