Luckily, I have ST550(TL225) in gold

Samsung ST550(TL225) finally lifted its veil! When I received it, I was speechless: It looked better than I thought! Now my review time!01

I loved so much the sharp shaped design and solidness! I luckily could have a gold color: I heard that the gold color is not produced in south Korea. 02


This image is from the top! There are few buttons as it is a full touch screen.04

One remarkable thing! The memory card is so small that it goes into a cellphone!

Having so many functions and modes, this gives you so much fun! 06

At the bottom of the camera, there is a charger connecting part.07

The charm of ST550(TL225)!! Dual LCD! When you tap on the front, the small screen turns on. Best for self shot!! This mode shows animations so it is easy to take a picture of children making them focus on. I haven’t taken a lot of pictures yet but you could sure expect a lot from this camera! Thank you for reading Miss Lea’s poor review.


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