Did angle fit wrong? Did we miss anyone? This is ST550(TL225)

This is the Samsung dual LCD digital camera ST550(TL225) soon to be on the market.

As a Vluu Grapher, I got a chance to use this camera first.

For other cameras, you should turn the back LCD to the front to take a self shot. This ST550(TL225) has 1.5 inch LCD hidden by the side of the lens. That is why front and back dual LCD!


It looks like this.

For the violet part on the left, there are other colors, too.


It supports 12.2 M pixels (12.2 megapixels) and 4.6 x optical zoom.


Very neat design

This is the very dual LCD function I and my friends fell in love with.

After you turn on the camera, you can just touch the side of the lens with your finger to see the display on. I was shy to put my face on so I used the cute decoration card holder as a model instead.


This function is the one I like the most. In fact, I have very few pictures with my boyfriend: when I and my boyfriend take a trip and try to take a picture, the angle is wrong, one person is shut out or it gives not a good picture. But now, I shall take a lot of pictures with him. Of course with my friends, too.


“Self shot! Piece of cake” You will totally agree with this this.



This is the back of the camera – no button. Almost all the modes are operated only by touch.

You know the “haptic” cell phone turning pages with a finger. This is just like that.

On the top of the camera, there are power/preview/shutter/zoom buttons.

Look at the wide screen. Isn’t this so refreshing? It supports 1.15M pixels and 3.5 inch HD wide LCD.

Another thing I like is 27mm wide lens!

On a trip, I was not happy about some part of a beautiful scene cut off.

I can take a trip picture better now, but I have no plan for trip for now.


That’s it! Thank you for sharing with me my preview of my new camera friend, ST550(TL225)!

Sample shot!!



I will take a lot of pretty pictures


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