Day 3 at CES 2010

After two most exciting days at CES 2010, our staff attended the CES 2010 exhibition halls for the third straight day. After the announcements of the NX10, CL80(ST5500), TL205(PL100), TL210(PL150), TL240(ST5000) or the Wi-Fi enabled Samsung HMX-S16, we’d like to provide you with a wrap-up of the day, and the released products.

Furthermore, we’re going to upload three videos. So make sure to check the upcoming blog post.

Unfortunately, our staff won’t be able to attend the last day of the CES 2010, thus meaning this is going to be the last wrap-up. However, a wrap-up with a lot of pictures!
Anyhow, we thank all our readers and fans of Samsung products for their interest throughout the past days and the staff at our booth for their amazing work.

Samsung Digital Imaging booth


Why capture? Create! The new Samsung NX10


The new Samsung CL80(ST5500)


The new Samsung TL240(ST5000)


The new Samsung HMX-S16 camcorder


Thank you, and looking forward to meet you next year.


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