Day 2 at CES 2010

Today CES 2010 opened its door for the second day however the interest in our products was as big as yesterday. Especially, the interest in the newly launched product such as the Wi-Fi devices: Samsung CL80(ST5500), and Samsung S16 camcorder.

In order to give you a better impression of the new products, we’ve also prepared a couple of video and pictures, these videos will be available in the next post!

Furthermore, we’re glad to announce that the Samsung CL80(ST5500) and the Samsung TL225(ST550) received the CES Innovation Award 2010.


The Samsung TL225(ST550) launched in 2009, and is the world’s first dual LCD powered camera


The Samsung CL80(ST5500) is a next-generation digital camera supporting Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, a 3.7′ AMOLED touchscreen, as well as a 14.2 megapixel lens from Schneider kreuznach (7x zoom)

Below, also please find the pictures of the 2nd day:


Images from our booth


Accessories for the NX10

The new Samsung S16

Product shelf

See you tomorrow!


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