SAMSUNG ST1000(CL65) with built-in GPS and WIFI

Recently Samsung released a couple of cameras of new idea.

It is the self portrait camera ST500/ST550(TL225) with the very dual LCD appeared getting a lot of attention via a tap and take named teasing site (  overseas and the travel camera ST1000(C65) with onboard GPS, Wi-Fi and etc.

I had applied for the VLUU Grapher as a new camera experience group and I was luckily selected so I could see the ST1000(C65) first than anyone elst.


It is really compact and slim camera (It’s slimmer than my GRD2).

How surprising to see such a small body having GPS and even Wi-Fi!


The inner zoom lens will be convenient for traveling.

The lens is Schneider – Kreuznach Varioplan!


There is simply a large 3.5-inch screen on the back.

It is a trendy touch style of LCD but what makes it differentiate itself from other touch button cameras is the ‘Haptic’ technique.

You can sort of push photos to see a next photo with a finger. It also has a gravity sensor so that the mode can be changed to a tilting direction.


The Wi-Fi mark on the back means that the camera has a wireless LAN.

You can directly send photos or movies taken using this wireless LAN to Picasa, Facebook or YouTube.

I have a portable WiBro terminal, Egg, so I can upload a photo wherever and whenever.

There is no mark for Bluetooth but it has 2.0 Bluetooth so that it can connect with and send data to a cell phone or laptop computer having Bluetooth.

If you have Samsung Pavv PDP or LCD TV, you can show photos or movies on it wirelessly without cable connecting.

(I can’t test this because we don’t have a LCD TV)


Through HDMI at the bottom, it can also connect to AV or USB for charge or data transmitting.

It has weirdly a Micro SD card, which is usually for the cell phone.

I think it was to reduce the product size.

Thanks to this, you can upload photos in a cell phone.


The large screen is really worth it.

I can’t explain all the various features but if you set up the Smart Auto, the camera changes the SCENE depending on situations.


Ah, I almost forgot an important feature. It’s GPS.

You may say why a camera, not satellite navigation, needs GPS but you can include geographical information in photo information so called Geotag.

Such photos can be interfaced with the Google map so it tells you where such photo is taken.

I think that is why this camera is divided as a travel camera.


Anyway, this GPS function is quite interesting.

At outside, if you turn on the GPS mode and wait 1 or 2 minutes, you can see local information like ‘Mapogu’, ‘Seochogu’ on the screen.

Now I can’t lie that I have traveled overseas after taking a photo in Itaewon or someplace.

Ah, having this camera in my hands makes me want to travel without thinking of anything else.

I’ll put some photos taken by the ST1000(C65) next time.

If I am not going on a trip, I’ll just enjoy myself doing a day trip in Seoul city.

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