Rendezvous with World’s First Dual LCD, Full Touch Digital Camera ST550(TL225).

clip_image002A teaser video for a new compact camera ST550(TL225) of Samsung digital imaging was announced first in foreign countries. As I was able to participate in a Samsung camera user campaign, I could use a sample body of the ST550(TL225) made before the mass production. Because I haven’t received a user guide yet, I could not check mechanical characteristics or all the features. If you want to know features, Click this link.


The operating buttons of the ST550(TL225) are four of power, shutter, zoom and display in total.


At the bottom, it requires a battery (720mAh) and memory of micro sd.


The back is very neat with 3.5 inch wide LCD (1.15 pixels and haptic touch screen)


As for the size and thickness, it is slightly thinner and larger than a pack of cigarettes.


It varies with the newly introduced dual LCD mode. The flash light is off now.


The front 1.5 inch LCD is not a touch type. I’m just fingering it in wonder.

Having a front LCD and full touch LCD on the back is the biggest feature of this product, which is fun.


The small square shows where af is (auto mode).

Whenever a half shutter is pressed, af, the small square moves in the front LCD to focus depending on a photo mode.


When I take the camera a little bit down at the face recognition mode, the af pointer immediately changes accordingly.

I felt that this camera’s face recognition feature is faster than other Samsung cameras. AF pointer quickly moves to find a face.


When setting up the self shot mode, a person icon appears from the front LCD and it takes a picture in 3, 2, 1 to the self situation.


When the children mode is set up, a short and simple animation from the front LCD is repeatedly played. The front LCD may attract a lot of people’s attention.


When I showed the front LCD to a sleeping cat, he stares at it and sleeps again.

This kind of ST550(TL225) dual LCD and full touch screen menu is still new to me. You may feel a minor vibration when you touch it like a cell phone’s haptic mode. The front LCD and self shot mode are pretty creative, wonder and fun. Any woman or student who likes self shot or family with a baby might use this with fun.

It will be pretty easy for making a portrait shot at home. In addition, you can pose different looking at the front LCD.

For the front LCD, you should set it up on the menu. Please refer to the below video as to the movement of the menu and touch screen.

I thought firstly that the ST550(TL225) is a quite intersting camera (It has no manual mode but auto compact)

The ST1000(CL65) launched at the same time has wireless features of GPS, blue-tooth and DLAN.

It has a feature of transmitting a photo taken via e-mail, picasa, face book and etc. and GPS to show location info.

I think that both are pretty interesting products considering that they are a new try.



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