Don’t miss ST550(TL225)

01 Rirakuma who enjoys taking a self shot got a new camera!

Samsung camera gave me a good opportunity to experience the ST550(TL225) that will be launched at the end of August. I had only a heavy DSLR, so I wished I had a compact digital camera. I’m so excited to have this perfectly precious camera. Shall we now take a look at the ST550(TL225)?

1. Small size! Simple design!

The new powerful compact digital camera, ST550(TL225)

There are not many included as it is a pre-product: USB port and charger.

02 Like usual compact digital cameras, it is a small, simple and sophisticated design. The weight is 165.7g! The size is also superior: 99.8mm x 59.8mm x 18.6mm. Easy to grab it with one hand – edgy mini-size.


Look from the above. Isn’t it so slim?04The entire surface of the camera is of glossy material: Shiny Shiny! Although fingerprints are easily left, this glossy feeling may be one of the charms the ST550(TL225) has.05The operating buttons are also so simple that I having no sense of machine could figure them out right away.  06

2. Digital Camera for Self Shot?

World’s First Dual LCD! ST550(TL225)

If you want me to choose the most superior feature of the ST550(TL225), it must be the world’s first dual LCD.  If you look at the camera without turning it on, you may wonder “where is the LCD on the front? But…


If you press the full touch screen to turn the front LCD on,  08The LCD hidden on the front of the shiny and glossy camera appears. Rirakuma who is not good at taking a self shot doesn’t have to take a face cutting self shot.

Looking at the LCD with the best looking angle, Click!


You can also check it out on the wide full touch screen of 3.5 inch and 1.15 M pixels.


3. 1.15 Mega-pixels and 3.5 inch wide full touch screen panel

Wide full touch screen together with dual LCD is the strength of the ST550(TL225)!

Tapping it to play with is so much fun.

If you draw a “X” mark on the LCD with your finger, the camera having a sensor to detect a movement will show you “Delete photo?” and in addition to this, there are lots of amazing and fun features like haptic one and etc.

I’ll explain to you those functions later.


I’m still working on it but some preview photos taken by the ST550(TL225)

Sample pics



14Don’t miss Rirakuma’s ST550(TL225) story

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