Day 1 at CES 2010

Finally, the first day of this year’s Consumer Electronic show opened its gates and besides the new Samsung NX10, visitors of the SamsungImaging booth were also able to experience the new Samsung CL80(ST5500), TL205(PL100) and the TL210(PL150) digital compact cameras.

The Samsung booth, located in the Central Hall #11026 is one the largest booths in the Central hall, and displays also the latest edge-cutting technology featured MP3 players, TVs and mobile phones. Furthermore, today the long awaited Samsung NX10 has been released to the public, including opportunities for visitors to test/experience the new flagship.

The launch took place at the NX10 booth, located inside the main Samsung booth.



<Images of the NX10 booth>

In general, our products at this year’s CES offer a lot of great possibilities to experience most of our award-winning products first hand, such as the TL225(ST550), with dual LCD.




<Images of the Samsung CL80(ST5500) and the TL205(PL100)>

For those, who might not be able to attend, we at will try to provide you with the best possible coverage, in the form of photos and videos.

Throughout the whole day, we will update this post on a regular basis, starting with pictures, videos and even interviews, so make sure to visit our blog.

Thank you,


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