[Youtube] The winner of our event!

talknews_1230Only one day remaining until 2010 and we’d like to thank you once again for your astonishing support and love throughout 2009.

Wrapping-up 2009, we would also like to announce the winners of our last event, which took place on our YouTube channel ‘Samsungimaging’. From the 11th to the 27th December, users were able to submit their ticket for this raffle,

by posting a comment on the official “SamsungImaging” YouTube Group to win the most comfortable full HD camcorder “Samsung HMX-U10”.

Spearheading, we truly thank all 36 participants and we’d like to emphasize that those kind of events won’t be rare! So keep checking our channels!

The winner of the first YouTube “Special plan for Christmas Event” is:


Congratulations for becoming the new owner of a Samsung HMX-U10 camcorder.

Thank you,




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