Samsung ST550 concludes 2009 with the Pogie Award


Finally 2009 has come to an end, and various tech-medias are giving out their annual awards for the best or most innovative products.
Among those media’s, David Pogue from The New York Times has taken his time, for the fifth consecutive year, to review a few products to spotlight again as truly innovative products, by awarding them with the “Pogie Award”.

Thereby, we’re glad and honored to announce that the Samsung ST550, known as the Samsung TL225 in the states, received the Pogie Award as one of the products featuring the year’s best tech ideas.
David Pogue was especially impressed by the front LCD, which, not only, allows you to frame self-portraits, display a self-timer countdown, displaying a happy face as a “Smile”, or playing a choice of cartoon animation.
Wrapping up the short review with the words “But what a great idea”.

To read the full review, please click here.
For more details about the Samsung ST550/TL225, please click here.

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