All-purpose digital camera, ST1000(CL65) supporting GPS and even Wi-Fi with the small size

The newly released compact digital camera ST1000(CL65) from Samsung is a digital camera having satisfactory functions as a portable camera of the great performance, a variety of features and handheld size. This small size allows men and women of all ages to easily use it and the weight is rather light accordingly. There are also a lot of features competing with the features of a high-class digital camera. Let’s look into the ST1000(CL65) with priority given to the appearance.clip_image001

You can see a couple of characters written on the front of the ST1000(CL65). First of all, it supports 12.2 M pixels and 5x optical zoom and adopted Schneider lens. And more than that, the mark ‘GPS’ really stands out. That is, it has capability to record a location of a photo taken with GPS on. In addition, the lens is not protruding but inner one, which shows the design was paid a careful attention to. clip_image002

The back is just as simple as it. There is nothing but a large 3-inch touchscreen. Since the LCD is a touchscreen, all menus are selected on the touchscreen. You can also see ‘Wi-Fi’ on the top, which is a little bit unfamiliar with as the GPS on the front to a digital camera. The ST1000(CL65) allows you to use the wireless internet through Wi-Fi. It does not mean though that you can actually navigate the internet with the ST1000(CL65). I’ll tell you next time but it provides a variety of conveniences using the wireless internet.clip_image003

Let’s look at the top now. With the model name of the ST1000(CL65), there are power, shutter and zoom buttons and also a playback button. The red sensor on the top is the GPS receiving part that receives GPS signal.clip_image004


On the base side, there is a socket for charge ant battery slot where you can also put a memory card, too. A tripod mount is placed. You don’t have to worry about the label saying marketing sample. clip_image006

Differently from other digital cameras, the ST1000(CL65) uses MicroSD card. Other digital cameras generally use SD card but the ST1000(CL65) adopted MicroSD card considering the size and design, I guess. Yet, MicroSD is also of 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16GB so tha you can choose one of them to your use. clip_image007

As I briefly mentioned above, all the menus of the ST1000(CL65) can be selected on the touchscreen. You can operate them like above via the rear touchscreen when the power is on. Each icon explains the status of the ST1000(CL65) now but also it has a function as a button itself so that you can touch an icon to select features concerned. Whether Wi-Fi, GPS and etc. are activated can be checked here.

The one of the strengths the ST1000(CL65) has is the small size and light weight so that women can carry in their bag or pocket. Furthermore, it has so many features strangely to such a small size. It supports GPS allowing you to find a location of a photo taken, Wi-Fi enabling to send photos via wireless internet, even Bluetooth and DLNA communication. Although it has an inner zoom, it supports 12.2 M pixels and 5x optical zoom and also Schneider lens. Every attractive element is all with the ST1000(CL65).

I’ll give you more detailed explanation next time. How many features the ST1000(CL65) has can be found after you actually use it. I think I can help you to know this product once I dig into it.clip_image008

This review represents the sole opinion of their individual authors and Joony and don’t express the opinion of Samsung Digital Imaging Co., Ltd., or the opinion of any affiliates unless specifically marked as such.
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