The charming city, York!

I had decided early on that I was going to award myself one day and that day was today! For the past two weeks I’ve been struggling with school work and was physically and mentally exhausted so I’ve decided to give myself a break and went to York, located not too far from Hull. York is about an hour and a half bus ride from Hull. Good thing about traveling between two cities is that there is a city bus and you can go on a day trip at an affordable price (₤ 8.50 for return trip). While New York is the city that represents US, there is the original York in UK. York has the most UK-like atmosphere among the cities I’ve travelled in UK. In York, you can find traces of the dramatic UK history here and there and as some say, the history of York equals the history of UK.


Samsung ST500(TL220) 1/180s l 3.5f l ISO80 l 4.9mm Program AESAM_3254

Samsung ST500(TL220) 1/125s l 4.9f l ISO80 l 16.3mm Program AE

As soon as you arrive in York, first thing that catches your eye are the walls and gates that surround the city. There is a path along the top of the wall so if you walk up and down the wall you can get a panoramic view of York. The walls that you can see in between the streets enhance the classic atmosphere of the city. SAM_3234

Samsung ST500(TL220) 1/350s l 3.5f l ISO80 l 4.9mm Program AESAM_3236

Samsung ST500(TL220) 1/350s l 3.5f l ISO80 l 4.9mm Program AE

You have to cross a bridge to get to the York city centre. One of the ways to enjoy York is to ride the cruise. The old city breathes alive and there is a romantic river flowing… I bet there’s no one who wouldn’t fall in love with York’s atmosphere


Samsung ST500(TL220) 1/500s l 3.5f l ISO80 l 4.9mm Program AESAM_3242

Samsung ST500(TL220) 1/500s l 3.5f l ISO80 l 4.9mm Program AE

If you walk a little bit after crossing the bridge, you’ll see a huge park where York museum is located. You can see the historical remains in the park as well. Like most of the cities in UK, especially in York, the historical remains are preserved blending in naturally with the surroundings. As you can see in the picture, it is very impressive that they have developed the park with the historical spot into a space with benches where people can rest anytime.SAM_3240

Samsung ST500(TL220) 1/180s l 3.5f l ISO80 l 4.9mm Program AE

Granddaughter Sophie and Sophie’s grandfather who I met in the park. I set the camera mode to children mode to capture Sophie’s attention but the grandfather seemed a lot more excited than Sophie. The English people may seem blunt on the outside like Sophie’s grandfather, but when you ask for a favor they will respond with a smile and from that my heart found peace again.SAM_3249

Samsung ST500(TL220) 1/350s l 4.1f l ISO80 l 6.5mm Program AESAM_3257

Samsung ST500(TL220) 1/180s l 3.5f l ISO80 l 4.9mm Program AE

After arriving in York, my footsteps were constantly headed towards the York Minster was one of the places I was the most fascinated with. York Minster is one of the most famous architectures in UK, and is evaluated as one of the most outstanding Cathedral or Minster that represents the best of Gothic architecture. Size is one thing, but it’s difficult to express the magnificent and overwhelming scale of the York Minster in one word.SAM_3251

Samsung ST500(TL220) 1/60s l 3.5f l ISO80 l 4.9mm Program AESAM_3252

Samsung ST500(TL220) 1/45s l 3.5f l ISO100 l 4.9mm Program AE

In front of the York Minster, there was a train headed to National Railway Museum waiting for passengers. I came across one family inside the train waiting for departure. The look alike smile of the family seems nothing but  peaceful.


Samsung ST500(TL220) 1/15s l 3.5f l ISO200 l 4.9mm Program AESAM_3263

Samsung ST500(TL220) 1/20s l 4.7f l ISO400 l 8.3mm Program AE

This is a picture taken of the inside of Cathedral at the entrance and a picture of the splendid stained glass. If you pay four pounds, you can tour freely inside and listen to guide’s explanation for free.SAM_3260

Samsung ST500(TL220) 1/15s l 3.5f l ISO400 l 4.9mm Program AESAM_3262

Samsung ST500(TL220) 1/8s l 3.5f l ISO800 l 4.9mm Program AE

Many exhibits and sculptures, and the solemn mood of the chapel brought out the piousness inside me.SAM_3274

Samsung ST500(TL220) 1/8s l 3.5f l ISO800 l 4.9mm Program AESAM_3275

Samsung ST500(TL220) 1/500s l 3.5f l ISO80 l 4.9mm Program AE

There is a observation deck (admission ₤ 3) in York Minster where you can see all of York at once. To get to the observation deck you have to walk up the steep stairs in a tower just wide enough to fit one person. I was wearing boots this day so while I was climbing up the stairs, I had to bear the pressure on my calf that felt like the boots were about to explode. On the picture is the York Minster taken at middle point before arriving at the top.SAM_3279

Samsung ST500(TL220) 1/90s l 3.5f l ISO80 l 4.9mm Program AESAM_3283

Samsung ST500(TL220) 1/180s l 3.5f l ISO80 l 4.9mm Program AE

This is a photo overlooking the panoramic view of York city from the observation deck on top of the tower and the appearance of York Minster tower. The ever-changing weather in UK suddenly became cloudy when I reached the top so I wasn’t able to capture the clear look of the city. But even for a beginner like myself, I was able to take decent pictures setting the camera at smart mode despite the cloudy weather. SAM_3297

Samsung ST500(TL220) 1/45s l 4.1f l ISO200 l 6.5mm Program AE

The small street from the York Minster directly leads to the city center. While I was walking, a long-line in front of the café caught my attention. Later I found out that this café was the most famous tea shop in York. Not only is it well known to the English people, but is very famous among foreigners that if you visit York, this café is one of the must-see spots in town. I couldn’t dare to wait so I turned away pledging to come back next time. SAM_3286

Samsung ST500(TL220) 1/60s l 4.4f l ISO200 l 13.7mm Program AESAM_3294

Samsung ST500(TL220) 1/60s l 5.5f l ISO160 l 10.4mm Program AE

It is quite easy to see street performances in any cities and countries in Europe. I was able to meet variety of street performers in York as well. The most impressive were the two performers in the picture. They were singing so loudly with joy that people passing by listening to their song seemed to be having a good time. A man playing organ in the middle of the square. Despite the hand freezing cold weather, he played some great music and it was really impressive. Thus, York is certainly a charming city that not only entertains your eyes but your ears as well.

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All photos, above, have been shot with the Samsung ST500(TL220), which has been provided by Samsung Digital Imaging Co., Ltd.



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One Response to “The charming city, York!”

  1. chippykev Says:

    I live in York and found your blog very enjoyable to read. You certainly had a busy day in York going by the pictures.
    Well done.

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