Holiday Shopping Gift Guide from myFOX 4 News : SMX-C14

Many gadgets, magazines, or web for electronics added some of Samsung’s electronics to their suggested holiday gift list. ST550(TL225), LED television, Blu-ray, and now, SMX-C14 has been selected as good holiday gift from FOX 4 news.

Steve Noviello, reporter of FOX4 news, suggests 7 items for cool technology gifts includes SMX-C14. The unique technology of SMX-C14 is its lens sits at a 25 degree angle. People have to keep their wrist 90 degree to record with ordinary camcorders and that makes people tired easily. Samsung tried to solve that problem and now SMX-C14 is on market for customers! Beside the 25 degree angle, its size is compact and easy to hold design so it is good to carry around for a long time especially for women. Furthermore, C14 has 16GB built-in flash memory which gives people to record their precious memories as long as they want.

This is not the end of SMX-C14’s feature. Have you heard about the software program called ‘Intelli-studio’? It is the built-in program in Samsung’s camcorder and it helps to edit the video that you recorded. This software is easier to use compare to other editing software which means great software for beginners of editing. There is easy and fun manual to read about how to use ‘Intelli-studio’ on SamsungImaging’s blog. Check out this web, it will help you.

If you feel SMX-C14’s price is little expensive than you expected, then no worries. SMX-C10 is here for you! It is exactly same camcorder as SMX-C14 with cheaper price, except it does not have built-in memory.

It is not too late to record your precious moments of year end. If you want to record your memories with comfort for a long time easily, consider to get either SMX-C14 or C10.

We thank Fox 4 news and Steve Noviello to introduce our product, and we also thank to customers who loved Samsung’s camcorder.

To read a full article, please click here.

We hope all of you have great year end!


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