ST500 took 5th place from the 20 best products for 2009!

As the year 2009 is almost gone, many gadgets and magazines started to rank the best products of 2009, as well as ‘BusinessWeek’. ‘BusinessWeek’ web magazine choose the 20 best products for 2009 and Samsung ST500(TL220) took 5th place!

People around the world liked ST500(TL220) because of hits front 1.5” LCD screen, since it made easy to take self-portrait. As the rate of social networking sites’ users grows, many people started to take self-portrait to upload on their own site or blog. However, it was not easy to take self-portrait because they could not see themselves while they take their own photos. To clear that problem, ST500(TL220) has been invented!

BusinessWeek’ gave a compliment on that point too – easy to take self-portrait with front LCD screen. Furthermore, ST500(TL220) has animation feature displays on the front screen while take a picture and that helps children to focus on a camera. Not only the animation feature for baby, but it also has the countdown animation so people can notice when to smile and pose when they take a group shot. With wide-angle lens and recording HD movie features, ST500(TL220) gives more than just standard point-and-shoot cameras. ‘BusinessWeek’ gave reasons above why they picked ST500(TL220) as the 5th best product for 2009.

The other pleasant news is, ST500(TL220) is not the only product that Samsung got awarded in this competition. Samsung 8500 series LED television took 3rd place and BD-P4600 Blu-ray player took 10th place from this competition. It is such an honor to Samsung that ‘BusinessWeek’ picked three products of Samsung as the 20 best products.

If you want to read the full article and check out all of the 20 best products for 2009, please click here.

We thank all consumers who bought and loved Samsung products, and also thank to ‘BusinessWeek’ about this article.

We hope everyone can enjoy their holidays with Samsung products!



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