ST1000(CL65) dreaming of communicating with the world

The Samsung digital imaging released an outstanding compact digital camera. This is not a digital camera merely taking a picture and recording a movie but the one that dreams about communicating with the world.
Digital Camera ST1000(CL65) dreaming of communicating with the world
clip_image001I could see the camera a little bit earlier than anyone else as a photographer of the Samsung digital imaging since last WB500(HZ10W). (this is only the second time though) The camera I received is a special engineering sample.
I’ll explain the ST1000(CL65) laying stress on its look for this first time.
clip_image002The splendid figure put in my hand…
For your information, only black red and silver blue of the ST1000(CL65) are available in Korea so please let there be no misunderstanding about this black color. As it sold in the world, the color can be varied as each country’s character
The detailed look of the ST1000(CL65)clip_image003The ST1000(CL65) of 12.2 M pixels supports 5x optical zoom.
While the inner zoom gives rather neat look because of the lens barrel not projecting, it is inconvenient on the other hand. It is because it provides a mediocre angle of view of 35mm due to the limits of the inner zoom as compared with recent Samsung cameras’ line providing wide-angle photos. I feel a little sorry for it while the style became better.
clip_image004Let’s look at it more in detail. The first thing you can see right away is the GPS receiving part. Thanks to this, the ST1000(CL65) allows you to remember where you took a photo. If you wish, you can check which city you took a photo by turning GPS on.
The operating part side to it is made up very simple. Isn’t it a true trait of the compact size?
clip_image005Next to the power button are there shutter and zoom buttons. The buttons are generally small but there would be no problem unless you operate them by mistake with an adult’s hand. Below that, you can find a lamp to be turned on when the wireless LAN is on and playback button for you to check photos taken. That is all for the buttons.
clip_image006Samsung’s famous Haptic UI is applied to the large touchscreen of 3.5-inch LCD.
Not only a touch but also G-sensor is applied so that you can change modes only by tilting the camera. It must be taking some time to get used to this kind of new motion but once you do, it will be an easy function. I cannot know it for sure now because I just received it.
clip_image007The bottom side is like this. On the left of the port that connects it to the computer and for charge, there is a slot to for tripod mount and on the right of it, you can insert a battery and memory card.
clip_image008What is interesting is that the memory the ST1000(CL65) supports is not a general SD but MicroSD. As the cell phone and etc. is trying to open the MicroSD market, niche MicroSD may be led by the ST1000(CL65). In reverse, there is familiarity with the cell phone.
Detailed experience reviews will be given next time.clip_image009Well, that is all for now.
I have not had enough time to use this camera but this coming fall, I will have many opportunities to visit the sea and take a lot of pictures. I’ll give you more live stories at that time.
Finally, I’ll close my story with a movie preview about the ST1000(CL65).
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