Gold Museum in Colombia

The Gold Museum (Museo del Oro) displays unique selection of Colombian gold work collection. This is very popular with tourists and you can find the reason when you visit there. Also, it is one of the best museum I have visited.

Bogota’s Gold Museum exhibits the world’s biggest collection of 33,000 pieces pre-Hispanic gold and also the most important museum in Colombia because it is the symbol of El Dorado legend. The collection includes golden masks, bracelets, necklaces and breast plates created from 500 B.C. until the Spaniards arrived in the 16th century. Together with special potteries, a mummy and ancient shells. All artifacts are fabulous and exquisite.

Gold Museum is an absolute highlight and you can see how the ancient culture of Colombia was.

SAM_2021[Samsung ST550(TL225) 1/45ㅣf/5.7 ㅣISO 200ㅣ20.7mm]

SAM_2056[Samsung ST550(TL225) 1/60ㅣf/4.9 ㅣISO 200ㅣ16.3mm]

SAM_2074[Samsung ST550(TL225) 1/45ㅣf/4.4 ㅣISO 200ㅣ13.7mm]

SAM_2076 [Samsung ST550(TL225) 1/45ㅣf/3.5 ㅣISO 120ㅣ4.9mm]SAM_2080 [Samsung ST550(TL225) 1/30ㅣf/5.9 ㅣISO 200ㅣ22.5mm]

SAM_2083[Samsung ST550(TL225) 1/20ㅣf/4.1 ㅣISO 200ㅣ6.5mm]

SAM_2089 [Samsung ST550(TL225) 1/30ㅣf/5.5 ㅣISO 200ㅣ10.4mm]SAM_2092 [Samsung ST550(TL225) 1/30ㅣf/3.5 ㅣISO 200ㅣ4.9mm]

SAM_2095 [Samsung ST550(TL225) 1/30ㅣf/5.5 ㅣISO 200ㅣ10.4mm]

SAM_2100 [Samsung ST550(TL225) 1/60ㅣf/4.9 ㅣISO 200ㅣ16.3mm]

SAM_2107[Samsung ST550(TL225) 1/30ㅣf/4.4 ㅣISO 200ㅣ13.7mm]

SAM_2112 [Samsung ST550(TL225) 1/60ㅣf/4.9 ㅣISO 200ㅣ16.3mm]

SAM_2115 [Samsung ST550(TL225) 1/30ㅣf/5.7 ㅣISO 200ㅣ20.7mm]

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