Must have item in a bag, Samsung Digital Imaging PL51(SL203)

One Touch Shot with Smart Auto

Smile, delicious foods, and beautiful scenery are our precious memories. Looking at the beautiful clothes through windows in a department store with a decision to buy them is a pleasing promise in the future. In order to remember these moments and promises, people take a shot with their compact digital camera.

Based on this concept, Samsung Digital Imaging has recently released the PL10 easy to use with great mobility. Its small size and light weight are outstanding points compared with previous PL series or other slim digital cameras, and Smart Auto has been adopted for beginners to easily use it. Let’s take a closer look at the PL51(SL203).

Slimmer size and more light weight

There are 2 words expressing the PL51(SL203). It’s small and light. Compared with compact digital cameras and even with slim digital cameras, these words are appropriate. W/T series from Sony which has been considered as slim digital cameras have 93×57×13~18mm of size and 118~128g of weight, but the PL51(SL203) has only 89×56.5×21.6mm of size and 116.1g of weight. So except the depth, the PL51 is better. Considering that slim digital cameras are more expensive than compact digital cameras, the PL51(SL203) gives both mobility and reasonable price.


Fun shot with one touch! Smart Auto

It’s fun to leave a photo as a memory, but difficulty of control might be intolerable. If you are not accustomed to taking shots, most of your pictures will be blurred or unclear. Smart Auto makes it easier. You can just point and push the shutter. Then, the PL51(SL203) automatically sets other things. 11 different scenes are supported compared that the ST series supports 16 scene modes. However, it supports necessary scene modes such as backlight, night scenery, and moving subjects, so it will be enough for you.

Simple, neat design and blue illumination

Engraved circular hairline around the lens makes different reflection lights by angles, and black high glossy band surrounding left, right, and top gives a design point. The whole back looks like a screen of full touch mobile phone. Overall, it has simple and neat design without unnecessary things.

Pushing a power button, dimming blue light is on. At the same time, the lens starts protruding and it looks like watching a living thing. The blue illumination button looks like a magic giving a life to a digital device.

10.2M pixels

The PL51(SL203) supports 10.2M high pixels. By supporting up to 3648×2736 resolution, it allows great quality even with A2 size print. You can use this for big photos like poster shots. Both 4:3 normal and 16:9 wide ratio are supported, so you don’t need to change the size for wide monitor or HDTV.

Makeup artist in the camera, Beauty Shot

There are 3 ways to take a perfect portrait shot. They are getting a makeup from a makeup artist, or using Photoshop. But if you neither have time to makeup nor know how to use Photoshop, there’s only one way. Take a shot with the PL51(SL203) in Beauty Shot mode.

Beauty shot makes your skin smooth and flawless, even if you are not putting on any makeup. With 3 different levels of intensity, more diverse compensation is supported and using with Face Recognition, more accurate shooting can be made when taking a self shot. Taken pictures can be retouched by Beauty Shot from Edit mode.

Face Recognition

Looking at a face is an important thing to the PL51(SL203). However, what if it focuses on the background rather than faces, even though it looks at faces?

Face Recognition can be used from Beauty Shot, but can also be used alone. Face Recognition recognizes faces and sets exposure and focus. Self Guide makes a beep sound when recognizing a face. Smile Shot recognizes smiling faces and automatically takes a shot, and I wish it had more accuracy.

Smart Album

Among hundreds of pictures, you can easily search pictures with Smart Album without a PC. You can flip them one by one and thumbnail mode with 3, 9, and 20 shots on a screen is also supported. And the photos can be sorted by file name, date, and color. If you have a blue color on a picture, you can quickly find it by color sorting.

3x zoom Samsung lens

For more reasonable price, the PL51(SL203) has adopted a 3x zoom Samsung lens. It’s not from a famous brand, but with an endless effort to develop a lens, it gets much better. It’s not enough to appeal to professionals, but for normal users, it can be a good choice.

2.7” TFT LCD fitting with its small body

The PL51(SL203) has a very small body, so the size of the LCD has to be limited. It could have adopted 2.5” LCD to reduce the price, but it has been designed with 2.7” LCD. This LCD provides sufficient quality to take and review photos.

Digital Image Stabilization (DIS)

Raising your hands in the air, you will see how much they tremble. Therefore, these hands make it difficult to take a shot with the PL51(SL203). In order to reduce this tremor, the PL51(SL203) provides Digital Image Stabilization. After taking shots, it compensates the hand blur on your picture to give you better quality pictures. However, it could have been better if it supported Optical Image Stabilization together.

ISO 1600

There’s no noise or color variation with ISO 80, 100, and 200. From 400, there’s a little noise, so when taking a vivid image like the picture, the noise and color variation might be noticed. From 800, noise gets bigger and more color variation happens, so it’s not recommended. Like this, ISO affects the quality. In Auto mode like Smart Auto, ISO is optimized, so it might be better to set composition and consider other things.

8 kinds of style

8 types of style can be applied, so you can change the atmosphere of your pictures to Soft, Vivid, Retro, and so on depending on your taste. And with the custom RGB setting mode, users can make their own style by adjusting each value. The style can be applied both before and after shots.


640×480 video recording

The PL51(SL203) has a video recording function in 640×480 and 320×240 resolution. It’s not as good as a high end digital camera supporting Full HD(1920×1080) or HD(1280×720), but can be used for a simple video clip or uploading it on sharing sites.

Frame Guide

It’s easy to use Frame Guide. Taking a shot with the composition you want, the frame remains on the left and right of the LCD. Then, you can ask someone to take a shot with the composition by matching the frame. This is very useful when you asking someone to take a shot.













The small size and light weight of the PL51(SL203) allows us better mobility, and one touch shot of Smart Auto provides convenience of shots even for beginners. Compared to high grade compact digital cameras, functions are a little insufficient, but the mobility and convenience will be a great value to remember the moments.

This review represents the sole opinion of their individual authors and BUYKING and don’t express the opinion of Samsung Digital Imaging Co., Ltd., or the opinion of any affiliates unless specifically marked as such.
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