Have you seen an orangutan playing with a camera?

If you love to take self-portrait with digital camera, you should have heard about ST550(TL225) or ST500(TL220). Because it has front LCD screen, it helps to take self-portrait and many customers loved it till now. By the way, if you are using either one of them and still have trouble with taking self-portrait, you have some problem with taking just photos. You know why? Because even orangutan is taking photo of herself with ST1000(CL65) and it does not have front LCD screen!
Samsung gave ST1000(CL65) as a surprise gift to Nonja, female orangutan in Vienna, Austria, and she is having fun with it. Nonja is living in Zoo Schönbrunn and now, she is also owns her facebook for her fans!
ST1000(CL65) does not have front LCD screen like either ST550(TL225) or ST500(TL220) but anyhow, Nonja figured out how to take photos. Not only that, she also uploads her photos on her facebook! ST1000(CL65) has GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth features in it. So her fans not only can notice where Nonja took her photos, but also can see her photos almost ‘on-air’ with ST1000(CL65)’s Wi-Fi feature.
Most of photos are not clear and not on focus, but it is pretty amazing that orangutan takes picture of herself. Deputy of Zoo Schönbrunn, Gerhard Kasbauer said, “Nonja does not know about art of photo, but she seems like enjoys taking photos.”
Do you want to take look photos of Nonja and become her fan? Then click here to visit her!
We feel sorry that her facebook appears with German but if you are already a user of facebook, we are pretty sure that you know how to see a photo. 🙂
Have fun with ST1000(CL65) Nonja, and please show as more photos of you!

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