ST550(TL225) & ST500(TL220) hit Australia!

ST550(TL225) & ST500(TL220) revealed its look at the Australia’s biggest shopping chain, Westfield Burwood shopping center.
Samsung brand shops in Australia co-operated the promotion and proceeded for 4 days from October 15th to 18th.
They provided accessory package worth around 60 dollars to consumers. Samsung performed connecting products to TV to show interactions and built large Columbus kiosk to meet with customers. They also did PR about tap & take and distributed fliers and pamphlets.
The result was great!
Since the feedback of the promotion was good, Samsung Australia will prepare for the year-end event at large shopping malls in Sydney.
Nice work, Samsung Australia.
And thanks to all who concerned on our ST550(TL225) & ST500(TL220).
Please keep an eye on our events in the year-end, people in Sydney! : )

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