Perfect gift for Christmas, ST550(TL225)!

Thinking about a present for Christmas?
What Digital Camera’ suggests you ST550(TL225)!
As one of the most famous magazine in UK mentioned ST550(TL225) for a great gift for Christmas, attention for ST550(TL225) is getting higher day by day. In November’s ‘What Digital Camera’, Nigel Atherton and Mat Gallagher picked few cameras for Christmas gift. ST550(TL225) also has been picked as ‘Cutting-Edge Technology’ digital camera.
In this section, ST550(TL225) got good points for a gift from its front LCD screen which is easy to take self-portrait and ‘Children Mode’. They included brief review about ST550(TL225) on another page of the magazine too.
The story about ‘Christmas Buying Guide’ is not on the website. However, website has little summary about what they have on November’s ‘What Digital Camera’ magazine, so if you want to read it, please click here. (
If you still want to check out the website of ‘What Digital Camera’, please click here. (
If you are still in trouble choosing Christmas gift, consider ST550(TL225) to take memorable moments of your people. You won’t regret!
Thank you for choosing ST550(TL225), Nigel and Mat!


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