Have a self portrait shot down cold at age 40! Samsung Dual LCD ST550(TL225)

Feel good.
It feels good maybe because of the comfortable grip having a detailed stable curved line. It is good to take a self portrait shot with one hand and to have a grip feeling rolled up by one hand. The barely visible curve finishing gives flair.
There are power, shutter, zoom and playback buttons on the top. For the power button, the LED turns on with blue color, which is Samsung camera’s distinctive feature, tells you when it is on or off. The lens part is protruding with maximum 18mm.
There is a slot for battery and memory card at the bottom. The battery is SLB-07A and 3.7V 720mAhLi-ion. I have to check how long it will last but it probably does not last long enough if both LCDs are used for a self portrait shot, which worries me. In the manual, it says that 200 pieces are possible.
The memory is Micro SD and it reads 8GB easily.
On the center of the bottom, there is a terminal for HDMI, charge and USB. It is a consideration for HDMI but it was convenient for the ST50 to have 20PIN terminal that can be used for the cell phone. For this new camera, you have to carry its own cable. Personally I wonder why HDMI is needed if Samsung want this new camera be recognized for its easiness to carry around and self portrait shot feature.
If they think that is really necessary, why didn’t they just provide 20PIN terminal in a gender type?04
It looks a little bit bigger than other appliances. I think that is because of the dual LCD. That is why the grip feeling is much better improved.
A 3.5-inch touchscreen without having unnecessary buttons looks stylish compared with the previous works, ST50.
What I want to say the most is
There is no one who cannot take a self portrait shot now. Usually it is difficult for a camera holder to take a picture including him or her in it. Don’t you agree? Only one or two pictures after taking a picture for your family or friends? You feel sometimes that they are too mean. Now you can take your portrait show adjusting a composition, color and etc.
How to take a self portrait shot
1. Turn the power on
2. Tap the front
3. Stand on a nice place
4. Press the shutter button looking at the LCD.
It’s very easy, isn’t it?
Strengths and Weaknesses of the ST550(TL225)
I wrote a simple review laying stress on first thoughts and the look while using it for the last 5days. I’ll give you more detailed explanation after using it more, but it is for sure that it feels great at first. It is also the first time for me to see a very fun camera. I played with this alone for some hours.
Most of all, dual LCD, touchscreen, wide angle, comfortable grip, solid weight (this may be different to person) and neat design.
You have to carry a charge cable for the camera. Tapping the front makes it easy to have scratches (a protective film is a must-have)
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