Even Celebs of ‘VH1 Divas 2009’ loved ST550(TL225)!


n September 17th, one of the biggest cable channels for music in US – VH1 – had their annual event called ‘VH1 Divas 2009’ and Samsung ST550(TL225) was there for divas!
VH1 Divas’ event started from 1998 with pop divas. VH1 invites pop divas of the year and let fans choose who is the diva for them. Not only that, it’s also the chance that fans can watch the fascinating performances of their divas. Pop divas show their unique performances in this event. This year, Kelly Clarkson, Miley Cyrus, Paula Abdul, Jennifer Hudson, Adele, Leona Lewis, and Jordin Spark showed their fantastic performances. Fans? Loved it, of course! – Click here to check out the performances.
(Link: http://www.vh1.com/shows/events/divas/_2009/)
Pop divas this year had fun moment with ST550(TL225) too while they were having photo time on red carpet. Since ST550(TL225)’s main character is ‘easy to take self-portrait’, many celebs took their self-portraits with it. – Photos of Divas! Click here.
(Link: http://www.vh1.com/shows/events/divas/_2009/photos/samsung/index.jhtml)
VH1 made a section for extra photos of divas taken by ST550(TL225) on its website. On the bottom of the page, VH1 also made little poll game says, “Which Celebs are HOT and which are NOT? Tell Us!” When you play the game, every pop divas of this year shows up and the result of voting shows up after finish the game. Currently, top five divas are Leona, Miley, Adele, Kelly, and Jennifer.
Seems like celebs are enjoying ST550(TL225)’s self-portrait function just like everyone else around the world. ST550(TL225) had fun with celebs of ‘VH1 Divas 2009’ too!
Please allow ST550(TL225) can take more of you! 🙂

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