Crazy night out

I had waited, waited, and waited for Halloween Parade so badly. The weather on that day, however, did not stand by me. It was RAINING!!!!!
The Halloween Parade in West Village was planned to start at 6 pm but was postponed for an hour due to the weather. I managed to complete my own costume by 7 pm and took pictures with my coworkers to celebrate a happy Halloween. (I work at the computer lab on campus)
IMG_0282My costume is a female Korean historical entertainer from 16 century, Hwang Jin Yi. Korean fashion designer, Younghee Lee, actually inspired me and I adopted most of the design from her. It was a shame that I couldn’t finish a gorgeous hat for my hair and traditional type of handbag. But I could comfort myself being proud of the fact that I made the dress by myself. In the middle, my supervisor Patrick is being a western cowboy, and my Japanese friend Mariko is acting as Marie, a cat character from Disney animation, The Aristocats.
So I hurried up to get dressed and put on my makeup. IMG_0289Tada~ what do you think?
IMG_0293IMG_0295I directly headed to the party instead of watching the parade in the rain. I saw a number of people who were taking a train to move from west to east side.
IMG_0297The majority of people who are over 21 years old usually celebrate Halloween at a bar or a club or a private house party after the parade. I RSVP’d to one wine bar near Spring Street at which the parade ended.
IMG_0331IMG_0305IMG_0303I asked these two ladies to pose for me. Yeah, she is ready to dive in!
SAM_0118She represented Amelia, who is an American aviation pioneer. Recently the movie Amelia was released.
IMG_0316He was dressed up as a dwarf from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. But it was funny that big figured person was acting like a tiny dwarf.
SAM_0120I guess this guy was promoting the website or was dressed up as an elementary particle in physics.
IMG_0324While I was running to another bar, I saw little angels in the doorway. I could not pass without capturing the moment.
IMG_0326_1I “met” one of my favorite designers, Karl Lagerfeld.
SAM_0106IMG_0333He is my friend, Wil, dressed up as Alex from A Clockwork Orange. He put on mascara on his right eye to exaggerate the character’s uneven eyes. I loved the detail and I laughed at his so-so British accent.
Even though the main purpose of Halloween is diluted, the holiday gives people the opportunity to express themselves and enjoy the escape from the daily life. Plus, you can enjoy sweetness of the “trick or treat.”
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All photos, above, have been shot with the Samsung ST500(TL220), which has been provided by Samsung Digital Imaging Co., Ltd.

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