‘Unbeatable’ gave ST550(TL250) 10 out of 10


ST550(TL225) got full marks from UK’s well-known gadget website, ‘Unbeatable’.

On the editor review of ST550(TL225), ‘Unbeatable’ stated that ST550(TL225) is an innovative camera. Dual LCD screen makes people easy to take self-portrait, and the quality of photograph is also great. Furthermore, the review says that ST550(TL225) not only has brilliant smart features but it also has unique, attractive design.
Unbeatable’ has five criteria – picture quality, battery life, setup simplicity, build quality, and ease of use – and ST550(TL225) got all perfect marks from those criteria. It also stated only Pros for ST550(TL225) for DualView LCD front & back, 12.2 mega pixels, Smart Gesture feature, and 27mm Wide angle lens.
It is great pleasure for us to get such a good result from ‘Unbeatable’.
Thanks to ‘Unbeatable’ where enjoyed ST550(TL225) pretty well!
If you want to read the original review, please click here.

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