Thank you for your opinion

‘Children Mode’ in ST550(TL225) is a really popular function to parents who have children. Most children are hard to focus and take pictures, but they do focus on the animation in ‘Children Mode’. That makes parents can take their children’s look more easily than the past.
Not long ago, Samsung added 20 animations more for ‘Children Mode’ with bird, bear, hero, and so on. (ST550(TL225) has a pierrot animation in it, originally.) Those animations also got lots of compliments from their cute and splendid displays.
However, the animation can be put only one in a camera and existing animation in camera disappears when you put a new one.
TK, hellenson, and ronald asked us how to restore the original pierrot animation on our blog some time ago, and we just found out that we did not provide the original pierrot animation download.
We tried to response their inquiries as soon as possible, and now we have the original pierrot animation on our Blog’s Talk News.
Samsung camera’s official website added the original animation too.
Just like what TK, hellenson, and ronald did, please feel free to ask or suggest about our products. We will do our best to listen your opinions and try to make products that our customers will satisfy.
Again, we sincerely thank to TK, hellenson, and ronald for sharing their concerns.

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