ST550(TL225) & ST1000(CL65) did cruise travel with famous Korean actress in Korea!

Samsung’s newest cameras, ST550(TL225) & ST1000(CL65) took a short trip in Korea.
Samsung in Korea opened cruise travel with famous Korean actress – as well as CF model of ST550(TL225) & ST1000(CL65)Hyo-Joo Han to share time with her fans. Cruise travel was hold in Busan, Korea from October 31st to November 1st.
About 2200 people applied for this event and only lucky 35 people could join in. After the travel, fans gave Samsung lovely responses! They said that they enjoyed cruise travel and it was a great place to take pictures with cameras. Also it was a great chance to fans to meet their star, Hyo-Joo, close enough. Fans who actually bought ST550(TL225) or ST1000(CL65) mentioned they want more events like this in the future.
Hyo-Joo Han, the star in this event enjoyed the event too. She joined this event not only to publicity ST550(TL225) & ST1000(CL65), but also to have her fan meeting with her fans. Hyo-Joo said that it was first time for her to spend time in a cruise and she enjoyed the moment. Furthermore, she performed how to self-portrait with those two products to give some tips to fans.
In conclusion, ST550(TL225) & ST1000(CL65), Hyo-Joo Han, and her fans spend great time during their short trip. It was short, but it was a memorable time to both Hyo-Joo and fans.
Thanks to everyone who participated this event, and thank you for your interests on products.

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