Samsung ST1000(CL65) receives 2 awards by dkamera

We’re proud and delighted to inform you that,, a most popular digital camera magazine from Germany, reviewed our very own Samsung ST1000(CL65).
Other than the reviews, we’ve introduced previously on, this one definitely falls under the category “Monster Review”.
With more than 11 pages of pure information, linked with 360 degree images, comparison pictures and other footages, really showcased their skill and proofs, how a good review looks alike.
The 11 pages are divided into 11 categories, which you’ll find below:
– Introduction & 360 degree view
– Product images
– Technology
– Technical Specifications
– Speed
– Image quality
– Image Stabilizer
– Portraying
– Colors
– Example images
– Conclusion
Along with a lot of comparisons, describes the Samsung ST1000(CL65) as a compact digital camera, featuring an edge-cutting technology, with a breath taking 1.152.000 pixel strong touch screen.
Furthermore the GPS module of the Samsung ST1000(CL65) gains a lot of praises for its functionality and signal strength (which, according to, even works in buildings).
And even in the fundamental camera categorizes, such as image quality or the functionality to shoot videos, the ST1000(CL65) finished greatly.
Concluding the full review, awards the Samsung ST1000(CL65) with two awards:
A “Recommendation” award for being a top-notch lifestyle and point-and-shoot camera, and a “Innovative Technology” award for the ST1000(CL65)’s outstanding technologies, including GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and DLNA.
To read the full review, please click here.
For more information’s of the Samsung ST1000(CL65), please click here.
We thank you for your interest,
and for this review.


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