‘The Nation’ explained about smart features in ST550(TL225)


The Nation – weekly periodical in US – shared information about ST550(TL225), published on October 27th.

The article started with ST550(TL225) is a ‘fun camera for taking self-portrait with its front 1.5-inch LCD screen’. Seems like the author of this article, Paisal Chuenprasaeng, and his colleagues enjoyed ST550(TL225) very much!
Paisal gave compliment on front LCD screen for easy to take self-portrait, and about children mode. He also wrote about other smart features in ST550(TL225) such as smile detection, smart auto mode, and so on. Paisal and his colleagues liked ‘Beauty Shot’ mode especially, which makes people’s skin smooth and shiny. One of his staff also experienced good photo quality while he brought ST550(TL225) in his trip to Korea.
Paisal also stated the spec of ST550(TL225) on the article.
If you want to read the original, please click here.
Many thanks to The Nation, Paisal, and his colleagues for giving us a good review!

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