The Most Compact Camcorder, HMX-U10

1. Point & Shoot Full HD CAM


Point & Shoot Full-HD Ultra slim Camcorder

Mobile phones? MP3 players? Recently, slim pocket HD camcorders have been getting more popular. They look different and weird, but allow users to carry them for all day long with a slim and cute design, great videos, and UCC sharing system. You don’t need to open a bag or things like that as you did with other camcorders. You can just take it out from your pocket and shoot. They are active and fast to shoot. There are some Point and Shoot HD camcorders in the world such as Flip from PB, Z series from Kodak, and Webbie from Sony. Especially, in the USA, these P&S HD camcorders are quite popular these days. It’s because its simplicity to shoot and share as a camcorder. Samsung also has started to produce a P&S camcorder with the HMX-U10 having 1/2.3” 10M sensor.

1920×1080p Full HD (30p)[Download the Original Link]

1920×1080p Full HD (30p)[Download the Original Link]

Compared with 1440×1080 30p or 720p of other camcorders, far more outstanding video quality of the U10 comes from the 1/2.3” 10M CMOS sensor. The U10 will be a leading product in the domestic market of the Full HD P&S camcorder, I think. Simply taking anything in a Full-HD quality and sharing with the U10. The Full-HD quality is quite surprising and vivid. The control of 10M still image and video shot is so easy with their separate buttons. Especially, the ergonomic design of 7 degree angle allows users very comfortable grip and the body is the slimmest among all the Full HD camcorders in the world.



Supporting 60 fps on 720p or 480p is impressive. Dual recharging type with USB and AC adapter, light weight, convenient sharing system with the built-in Intelli-Studio, and simple interface based on Full HD videos are remarkable. It’s a quite charming product as a P&S camcorder with great portability like a mobile phone and its quality.


Beyond the imagine, Full HD quality


You can’t look down it by looking at the small size. I expected the great quality by looking at the specification of the sensor, but the real quality of the Full-HD was as great as other normal camcorders. It’s a real Full HD video totally different from videos of 1440×1080 resolution. It has some functional limits such as no zoom and 1.3m of distance from subjects, but it’s not easy for you to see this great snap camcorder supporting high quality with light. Compared to the small size, it shows the best Full HD video quality.

1920×1080p Full HD[Download the Original Link]

1280×720p 60fps HD[Download the Original Link]

This product supports 4 resolutions such as (30fps), 1280×720p(60fps) 1280×720p(30fps) and 720×480p(60fps) in H.264 format saved as MP4 files. Let’s see how it looks like in 1080/30p version.

1080/30p[Download the Original Link]

In order to record in a great quality, you’d better use Full HD 1080/30p and 720/60p is not an interlace type, but fully scans 720p 60fps on a screen, so it allows the U10 to record active movies more smoothly and clearly. I don’t want to recommend lower resolutions much, because they are not very good in details and noise. You can record a video for 4 hours with a 32GB memory in 1080/30p Superfine. In 480/60p, you can record up to 24 hours. When it comes to the Slow Motion, it records in 120fps and plays at 1/2 of speed, so it’s good to watch active movies smoothly.


Detailed indoor videos without noise

I was surprised at the indoor video quality the most in the U10. Generally, these simple HD camcorders make blur or color noise for indoor videos. However, the U10 can record a good movie in a room or outdoors.

1920×1080p Full HD[Download the Original Link]

1920×1080p Full HD[Download the Original Link]


2. 10M Photo & Sharing

10.0 Mega Pixels Photo

One of the biggest advantages of the U10 is the 10 Mega pixels photo shot function. Looking at the buttons on the top, 3 buttons are located. They are Video, Photo, and Play buttons with the sun. You don’t have to change the mode from Video/Photo, but you can just shoot what you want with this convenient interface.




There are 6 sizes for pictures. Smaller size might give you slightly better detail, but I recommend 10M full size. It’s not easy for me to evaluate accurately, because it’s not an official product, but anyway, the quality is great enough to take a still shot from time to time while recording a video. Besides, compared with still images of high end camcorders, it’s better than them in some points, I think. For your reference, you can’t take a still shot while recording a video.


Due to the feature of the sensor, there’s some noise and saturation is kind of low, but it has great details. It’s better to take snap or scenery shots, since it has a limit of distance in shots.



Simple Upload, built-in Intelli-Stuido Software

Simple Uploading and sharing system is the most important part of the P&S camcorder. UCC camcorders like the U10 appeals to UCC users with how simply or easily it can upload and share files. Looking at the buttons of the U10, there’s a sharing mark on the right below. When playing, if you push the thumbnail or sharing button, the sharing mark comes up, and when connecting to a PC, it prepares the situation to allow you transfer files to web sites such as YouTube.


When connecting the U10 to a PC, Intelli-Studio automatically runs and the message ‘Upload is possible with the sharing button’ pops up. Pushing the sharing button on the U10, you can easily upload videos you set before.


1. Check files you want to upload


2. Screen displayed on the U10 when connecting to a PC


3. Checked sharing file list is displayed and transferred to YouTube


4. Check the transfer on YouTube


5. Play the video on YouTube

Even if you don’t set the sharing to files to upload, you can upload files through the sharing in Intelli-Stuido to YouTube or Flickr. Transfer through an email is also possible. Intelli-Stuido is a sharing and editing software from Samsung allowing users to transfer files to PCs, watch videos, and edit them.

1. Autorun of Intelli-Stuido by connecting the U10 to a PC


2. Transferring data in the U10 to a PC


3. Video Play function


4. Uploading videos through the sharing

Full HD camcorder, easy and convenient to share

The sharing system of the U10 fits well with the concept recording, uploading and enjoying. Intelli-Studio consists of easy icons and the U10 camera has also easy interface to use as a Full HD camcorder. This is the most convenient and easiest camcorder to use among the P&S Full HD camcorders.


3. Ultra compact slim



Ultra Thin Stylish

The goal of the U10 is a trendy and stylish design based on high quality Full HD videos. First, it causes curiosity and delivers far better impression in the Full HD videos. It’s only 15.5mm thin except the lens. Due to the ergonomic design, it has 7 degree angle, but doesn’t harm the portability. It’s like a small size mobile phone.


5 colors

It comes with 5 colors such as black/silver/red/green/purple. The purple mode has been provided to Popconet for this review. The purple color is far deeper than I expected. The appearance is so luxurious with 2 tone colors by pearl feeling.

Unique Body line and Lens

The lens protrudes about 7 mm from the body. This protruding lens allows users to more comfortably control buttons with holding the underneath of the lens and the relatively large sensor made the lens protrude more. A funny thing is this protruding lens makes the body look thinner and cuter.



The lens shows the great combination of transparent acryl and chrome coating. The lens is F3.0 and angle is different depending on the size. Opening the cover on the sideward, component/AV port, USB port, and tripod hole are located and on the top, stereo microphones are located on the left and right side. In order to record voices more clearly, you should have some distance from a large speaker.


The direction of the tripod hole is kind of weird, but using the tripod connector included, the hole is rotated about 90 degree and fits well. It’s a little bit inconvenient, but good idea. Using a coin, you can tighten or lose the connector.


Touch Pad PUI with convenient interface

The control part is made of metal with luxurious hairlines and it creates more stylish design. Buttons can be controlled by Touch Pad PUI (Physical User Interface). It makes the design more stylish, but sometimes I used to mistakenly push another button.


Video and Photo shot buttons are located on the top of the buttons, and Play buttons is located in the center. Touch pad includes Return, Zoom In/Out, Left/Right, OK, and Sharing button. Below, a hand strap ring is located.


Opening the Memory card cover on the sideward, Power button, DC power port, and Memory card slot are located, and Power button is above. Pushing the power button for a while, it’s ready to take shots in 3 or 4 sec.

2.0” color LCD with vivid image quality

The vividness of the LCD is great. The lines of LCD and body are consistent. Viewing angle is not that good, but due to 7 degree angle body, you can watch it more comfortably. There’s not much noise even indoors, and the real image and image in the LCD are quite similar.



Ergonomic Grip, 7 degree angle lens

The body has 7 degree angle lens. It’s more comfortable than I expected. Actually, the 7 degree allows users the best shooting angle and to take more comfortable and stable shooting even for a long time.

It’s more comfortable if holding the protruding lens part with an index finger and controlling it with a thumb. These unique designs such as Active angle lens and the R10 can only be designed by Samsung.


Shooting type Full HD Camcorder R10


Dual Type built-in battery

The battery can last about 90 min, so it’s not bad for a day. Actual performance was quite good considering the body size. In order to minimize battery consumption, you’d better use Auto power off and Auto LCD off functions. A built-in battery has some weakness like no spare battery or decrease of battery life as time goes by, but it makes a design much better and neater.


It takes 3 hours with an AC adaptor and 6 hours with a USB port to fully charge, so it’s very convenient.

4. Function


No problem with Self Shot

It has a short distance as 1.3m, but it’s possible to take a self shot. After taking self shots with the Full HD image, quality and harmony with background were quite good. You can make as many as UCCs possible.

Digital 4x zoom

It supports digital 4x zoom. The zoom is not supported for Full HD shots, but you can use it for 1280×720 and 720×480. Clicking and holding Up/Down/Touch buttons, zoom starts. More zoom causes lower detail, so just use it when you really need it.

Video with Digital zoom [Download the original video clip]


No Digital zoom – 10M picture


Video with Digital zoom (Low zoom)


Maximum Digital zoom

Let’s get over shade with backlight compensation

Backlight compensation or Face recognition function is a basic function of a camcorder. The U10 can make dark or shaded parts brighter with the backlight compensation. It’s a necessary function used for both pictures and videos. It’s only good for backlight, so you need to turn it off after using it.


Backlight OFF


Backlight ON


120fps Slow Motion

Slow motion function records a video in 320×240 120fps and plays it at a 1/2 speed to play rapidly moving subjects more smoothly. The size is quite small, but it’s useful when watching some fast movement or moving persons for fun.

Full HD[Download the original video clip]

Slow Motion[Download the original video clip]

Various effects

It supports various effects such as Black or White, Sepia, Reversion, and Art to record more emotional videos.

Intuitive and Simple menus

Menu is very simple. It’s easy to recognize and not complicated. Especially, when pushing the OK button, function option icon in 4 ways is displayed, and you can easily choose Scene mode, Backlight mode, and so on.

Video Editing function

Divide function is provided as an editing function. Through the menu of thumbnail play, you can select Divide, pause when you want to divide, and push the menu button to divide.

Interval Recording

Interval recording is a function to take a long video in a certain interval and play it. It was often used to watch movement of natures. You can’t easily find this function from other camcorders, so let’s try to make a documentary film with a fully charged battery.


Interval shot[Download the original video clip]

Interval shot with Reversion[Download the original video clip]

Fresh and Almighty Samsung Smart Camcorder U10

Looking at this for the first time, you can hesitate to buy it. However, once you put this in your pocket, you will see a new world of Full HD videos. Videos can vividly get things we can’t get with still images. When it comes to the U10, with the compact size, this will be a new powerful model in the camcorder market. Light, slim, fast, simple, and even smart. Of course, there were some weak points such as no IS, no HDMI port, and no Macro mode, but other great functions can hide these things.


Ultra simple Snap shoot to share in Full HD Camcorder U10

This gets an attention with simple YouTube uploading system, convenient sharing system, easy interface, and unique ergonomic design. Probably, after the U10, P&S(Point and Shoot) HD camcorders will be getting popular slowly. At least, it shows better video quality than other popularized models. Besides, 10M photo function is very useful. The most important thing is the reasonable price. It was so wondering this small device makes Full HD videos. The new point of view of the U10 will make our life more interesting.


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