Techradar awards Samsung ST1000(CL65) with 4.5 stars


Techradar, one of the largest and most-popular tech sites from the UK, reviewed our high-end digital camera: The Samsung ST1000(CL65).

The Samsung ST1000(CL65), which drew a lot of public attention due it’s edge-cutting technologies including Wi-Fi, GPS for geo-tagging and Bluetooth 2.0, has instantly established itself among the multi-wireless cameras, with great reviews and awards from all around the globe.

Following the latest review from Techradar, who described the Samsung ST1000(CL65), as a device which has ‘super-high pixel density, great colour and a self-describing interface’, rounded up with a 12.2 megapixel lens allowing an enhanced digital experience.
Furthermore Techradar highly praises the Samsung ST1000(CL65)’s feature to shoot good 720p movies.

However the editors reserved the majority of their praises for the multi-wireless functions, such as geo-tagging (GPS) or image upload on Picasa or Facebook.

Concluding the review, Techradar awards the Samsung ST1000(CL65) with 4.5 out of 5 stars.

To read the full review, click here.

For detailed information’s about the Samsung ST1000(CL65), click here.

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