CNET UK Editors’ Choice, WB1000(TL320)

CNET UK picked three winners for ‘CNET UK Editor’s Choice’, and WB1000(TL320) has been selected for one of them.

CNET UK selected three gadgets and stated ‘hard working, top-quality pieces of kit, fully deserving of one of the most sought-after accolades in the industry’.

In fact, WB1000(TL320) competed with Richo GR – which was very attractive to editors with its excellent quality of photographs. Richo GR is the digital compact camera even attractive to experts with its high-quality lens.

However, WB1000(TL320) finally got votes due to the its varied feature set. WB1000(TL320) is easy to access even it has many features and those many features were also attractive to experts. Editors concluded that variety features also can turn some ordinary consumers into the experts.

Editors also said WB1000(TL320) has been proved that point-and-shot cameras can be clever for its development.


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