Winner of ‘Observeur du Design Award’, Samsung C10!


On October 22nd, APCI(Agency for the Promotion of Industrial Creation) proceeded ‘Observeur du Design Award’ in Paris, France.

APCI is the group that France government built in 1983 for industry and culture of France. Purpose of this group is promoting French design in France and abroad. They also work for design schools and agencies in France to develope their design skills.

APCI holds ‘Observeur du Design Award’ every year to award to the most innovative designed product. And guess what? Samsung SMX-C10 camcorder won the 1st prize out of 1500 competitive products this year!

SMX-C10 camcorder was rewarded for strong brand visibility and contributing to educate the general public on design.

APCI also processed competition for ICSID (International Council of Societies of Industrial Design) label from June. 15 Samsung products received this label so they are now going to be displayed at the Cité des Sciences & de l’Industrie for 3 months, from October 2009 to February 2010.


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