ST550(TL225) has been selected as one of ‘8 Great Extra(neous) Gadget Screens’


Writer for GIZMODO, a technology weblog, wrote an article ‘8 Great Extra(neous) Gadget Screens’ for a title and Samsung ST550(TL225) has been selected for one of them.

In this article, the writer, John Herrman, mentions about what kind of gadgets have something special about their ‘extra screens’. Since Samsung ST550(TL225) has dual LCD screens, it displays the middle of the article too.

John wrote that ST550(TL225) looks pretty ordinary when it switched off. However, it turns to ‘odd-looking’ camera when it switched on with forward-facing second display. He also mentioned about its special features with front LCD screen such as animation displays for children and countdown display for group shot.

Many people love self-portrait in these days but they are having trouble with taking it – and this was the main point that Samsung focused on when they created this product. John describes those people as ‘MySpace-style self-portraiture’ in the article. Finally, Samsung created ST550(TL225) and ST500(TL220) to solve those troubles. LCD screen shows people’s faces in front of the camera and that will help people to take better self-portrait.

Samsung is honored to be in ‘8 Great Extra(neous) Gadget Screens’ and will try to produce better product for customers.


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