‘Deal or Dud’? Fox 4 in Dallas talks about ST550(TL225)


After Europe, US pays attention on Samsung ST550(TL225) now. On October 14th, Fox 4 News in Dallas introduced ST550(TL225) at ‘Deal or Dud’ section.

Steve Noviello, host of ‘Deal or Dud’, mentioned lots of compliments on Samsung’s 2View digital camera, ST550(TL225) especially about Children Mode.

Most people have difficulties when they take pictures by themselves – no help from strangers. When Steve went out for street interview with the camera, he let people compare two pictures that they took by themselves. People took two pictures, one without front LCD screen and the other one with front LCD screen on. Most of them satisfied on picture that they took with front LCD screen on, except when they took it under the sunlight – sunlight made LCD screen invisible.

Even children had happy time with animations showed on front LCD screen. Parents said that they have hard times when they try to make children smile in front of camera. After testing ST550(TL225), they all satisfied about the picture they took of their children’s photos.

Overall, ST550(TL225) had a good show time in US. Steve compared the price of ST550(TL225) with other ordinary 12 megapixel digital camera and closed the program with saying, “Spend it wisely.”


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