Singapore ‘Tap and Take’ presence on Facebook

Singapore made Fan Page on Facebook called ‘TapandTakeSG’.
The new fan page, which introduces Samsung’s newest flagship: the Samsung ST550(TL225), is open to all digital imaging fans from Singapore.

TapandTakeSG Facebook:

Along with various events and content’s about the new ST550(TL225), visitors will be able to experience the difference between the Samsung ST550(TL225) and other common camera’s.

TapandTakeSG’ also sponsors events to gather attention on ST550(TL225). They are currently doing ‘Tap Take & Tag Contest’. Entries for contest is closed now, but they are still doing the event till November 30th so people who applied for this event are competing hard to get free ST550(TL225).

Entry for the first contest is done, but ‘TapandTakeSG’ announced that they are going to do more events to give some benefits to their fans. So you should not lose your attention there, if you want any surprises!

Fans of ‘TapandTakeSG’ is now 2,264 but as the interests on ST550(TL225) is growing, it seems like numbers of fans will grow soon too.


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