Samsung ST1000 introduced on Cafe Puls!


Cafe PULS, a very popular Austrian morning show broadcasted on Puls4 and Pro7, recently introduced the Samsung ST1000(CL65) in their electronic corner, named “EP:Tipp”.

The show, hosted by Andreas Seidl and Daniela Rothmann, not only focused on the edge-cutting top design of the Samsung ST1000(CL65), but described the function’s of the Samsung ST1000(CL65), in detail.

Besides the very well-known Wi-Fi interface of the Samsung ST1000(CL65), which allows the user to upload pictures on Facebook, Picassa, the show especially highlights the different and versatile functions such as GPS, for geo-tagging, and Bluetooth.

Referring to the hosts of this show, those functions make the Samsung ST1000(CL65) a perfect partner for everyone’s vacation.

For detailed information’s of the Samsung ST1000(CL65), please click here.

If you speak German also feel free to watch the full clip!

We thank you for your interest!


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