Samsung showed up at ‘The Photographic, Video & Digital Imaging Show’ in Canada

Henry’s – Canada’s biggest School of Imaging – opened ‘The Photographic, Video & Digital Imaging Show’ at International Centre in Mississauga, Ontario from October 16th to 18th.

It is Henry’s unique annual event in public so vendors exhibit products such as PMA and demo it. Also, consumers can buy products and get lessons from professional photographers.
Of course, Samsung was there for our consumers!

Henry’s School of Imaging operated workshops and seminars based on a variety imaging topics including digital cameras, computer-based image enhancing, traditional photography, and others. Since it was the show to public, the seminars and workshops operated for free of course, and the schedule went through whole weekend.

There was another event called “Trade in – Trade up” that made something special about the show. Consumers could bring their old camera and upgrade it to a new digital or video camera, or accessory at the Henry’s booth.


Among Samsung’s products, ST550(TL225) got most attention from this show and it was also a good experience to Samsung to get feedback from all consumers in Canada. Main three points people liked about ST550(TL225) were good for self-portrait, easy to use, and Children Mode. Samsung appreciated that most consumers gave us good opinions about our 2View cameras!

Thank you all for great interests.


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