Please don’t fly me away, Diane.

clip_image006Diane is taking pictures with Samsung ST50(TL100). Serious Diane.

[Samsung GX20 1/60ㅣf/1.4 ㅣISO 200ㅣ30mm]

Big hair, black veil, black clothes, red lips. Diane’s first impression was fierce. “Hello, how are you?” she said in a low, husky voice. It was more like a magical spell than a greeting. Elegance that seemed to be there since birth and manner difficult to be found in celebrities… would it be impossible to keep the slowly disappearing Diane living in my eyes forever.

SG203942▲In the Samsung D’light, Diane is testing all products. She took photos with Samsung ST50.

[Samsung GX20 1/20ㅣf/4.0 ㅣISO 200ㅣ30mm]

Diane Pernet.
She is an effective journalist in the world fashion industry. Also, she opened a festival named “A Shaded View on Fashion Film”. She is helping young talents to grow and for them to branch into the fashion industry through this film festival. Moreover, through her blog (, she is communicating with people from all over the world and expanding her influence.

clip_image005▲This is Diane’s portrait. You can experience at the entrance of  Samsung D’light.

[Samsung GX20 1/60ㅣf/4.0 ㅣISO 200ㅣ30mm]

This Diane so lovely visited Samsung D’light. It wasn’t just because Samsung ST550 had supported her movie festival. She was really enjoying the time there. She listened to the explaining staff while touching this and that and actively responding to everything. There, a red camera was shown through her black clothes; it was a Samsung ST50. She had personally put a chain on it and carried it on her neck. She said that she liked the color sensivity, beauty shot, and focus function as well as the light weight that makes it uncomfortable even when carried around on the neck as the reason in using ST50 even though it’s an old model, when asked. The red looked so good with her that even I wanted to use ST50 suddenly.
SG204010▲Diane and me. She was very friendly. We took a picture with a Samsung ST550(TL225).

[Samsung GX20 1/60ㅣf/1.4 ㅣISO 200ㅣ30mm]

Diane Pernet, a fantasy that I had never expected on my way home, it would be nice to see her just one more time. I want to engrave her on my memory until I can draw her in my head when I close my eyes.



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