Jimmy Kimmel introduced Samsung ST550(TL225) in his show!


Samsung’s new digital camera, ST550(TL225) has been introduced by Jimmy Kimmel in ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ on September 17th.

Jimmy Kimmel and his friend YaYa, who takes photos of celebrities often, talked about having trouble of taking self-portrait with celebrities. YaYa showed some pictures that he took with Will Smith, Elizabeth Taylor, and Jessica Simpson but those pictures were not in focus so audience could not recognize who they are. So his good friend Jimmy suggested Samsung’s brand new dual LCD camera, ST550(TL225) to YaYa. It not only had good design with compact size, but also had another LCD screen in front of the camera which is perfect for self-portrait. Jimmy and YaYa took their self-portrait during the show and that trial made YaYa really wanted to have one!

Since this ‘dual LCD screens’ is the world’s first digital camera made from Samsung, ST550(TL225) is getting popular day by day. As the result, ST550(TL225) already has been sold almost 300,000 in 8 weeks after they showed up in London, New York, Beijing, Bangkok, Seoul, and other major cities.

Also, ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ is not the only TV show that this product showed up. America’s famous TV show, ‘The View’ also introduced ST500(TL220) which is exactly same as ST550(TL225) but just has smaller size of front LCD screen.

We thank ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ show about introducing ST550(TL225), and we hope many consumers around the world will enjoy this product.



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