“Photo Marathon” in Spain!


Samsung Spain did photo campaign named “Photo Marathon” on October 9th & 10th, and October 16th & 17th in Madrid. The result? It went so well!
Everyone on the street and at the stores got huge interests on Samsung’s newest digital camera, ST550(TL225).

ST550(TL225) has been displayed at ECI Madrid Castellana, Preciados, and ECI Sevilla Nervión. In those stores, staffs introduced ST550(TL225), did demo with customers, and gave a chance to get ST550(TL225) with 20% discount.
However ST1000(CL65), the other newest product from Samsung and has GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth functions in it, was sold more than ST550(TL225) from this event.

Highlight of this campaign was the street marketing with Segways. Street marketing operated at Preciados, Plaza Norte, Parque Sur. Every staffs were riding segways and hanged ST550(TL225) on their neck to promote it.



Main actions that staffs did were let customers experience ST550(TL225) and promote it. They also did survey to know about customer’s opinions on the product.




Overall, total 616 photos were collected and event was popular especially at Preciados. Many people liked front LCD function on ST550(TL225) since it was the world’s first technology. Samsung Spain could collect photos of people enjoying self-portrait with front LCD screen.
The other two top likes were ‘touch screen’ and ‘smart face recognition’.



We thank all customers on the streets and markets, and please keep enjoy Samsung’s new technology, ST550(225) and ST1000(CL65)!


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