[Take 4] High angle VS Low angle

Today, we’re going to cover best angle, a topic you have all been eagerly waiting for! Haha~

Finding the best angle that makes your face appear the most beautiful!! I believe that by now, you are aware of which side of your face – either left or right – is more camera-friendly. If left side works better for you, always turn your head to show your left side. This may be selfish, but it’s a short cut to the hottest results.


 ST550(TL225) 4.1F l 1/15s l ISO 320 l +0.7EV l 6.5m l Program AE

To find the best angle….

Here are steps you need to take!! At first, if you want to make your face appear smaller or slimmer, hold your camera up and shoot downwards. If you have chubby cheeks or high cheekbones, high angle is the life-saving angle for you!

SAM_3108_01 ST550(TL225) 3.5F l 1/250s l ISO 80 l +0.0EV l 4.9m l Program AE (Right)

Place the camera looking upwards just like how the model’ is doing with her? and you will instantly become the ‘it’ person. One note, though. Those with a wide forehead risk ending up with a photo that only emphasizes the wide forehead. Something like an extra terrestrial… which is my case. 😛

entire To really get a hold of this, you shouldn’t be afraid of trials and errors. Mastering self-camera requires practice after practice. One tip is to use the mirror. Position the camera so that the screen is reflected in the mirror. Well, painful arms is worth enduring for a fantastic photo – well, that’s my opinion, at least. xD


ST550(TL225) 3.5F l 1/15s l ISO 320 l  4.9m l Program AE

For ST550(TL225), the front LCD allows you to check yourself before taking the photo, which is very handy. This camera is so much more valuable with time.

Before taking self camera, you need to make sure to set the right environment for shooting. For indoor, increase the ISO sensitivity to maximum (800) while maintaining exposure to moderate. For outdoor, a brighter shot than normal makes your face appear more transparent and clear.

Now, let’s repeat step by step.

1. Sit up straight and hold up your right hand to 90 degree angle.

2. While maintaining the height, move your right arm 30cm to the left.

3. Raise your arm to a 45 degree angle.

4. Move up up upwards until the floor is captured in the lens.

SAM_2630 ST550(TL225) 3.5F l 1/15s l ISO 320 l  4.9m l Matrix l Program AE

This works because an object caught at the corner of the wide-angle lens appears distorted. Locate your face to the corner of LCD. The face of your dream is right in front of you! :]

lowshot  ST550(TL225) 3.5F l 1/15s l ISO 400 l  4.9m l Classic mode

For low angle, you have to be very skilled in expression. Low angle is especially artistic when taking pictures of landscape or architecture. Low angle gives a cool and rich feel to portraits as well. Please, make sure to only capture the breast and up.

So, which shot seems to work for you the best? Most often, people will find high angle the best as it gives the golden angle. But, taking pictures always at the same angle is boring and also quickly leave those looking at the photos bored. A compact camera that you can manipulate with one hand has no limits when it comes to angle. Try yourself with a wide variety of angles for a more colorful memory.

Stay tuned until the next posting where I will cover THE gentle charisma – B&W self-portrait!


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