Samsung Australia with huge success on social media

Besides the popular Samsung Twitters and Facebook, such as @SamsungImaging, @TapAndTake or @SamsungTweets, Samsung Australia has started to use the social media in a very efficient way!
We’re sure, that during the past few months, the Twitter and Facebook users among you may face saw “SamsungCapture”, on one of those two big platforms.

Samsung Australia, who started their activities on occasion of the launch of Samsung ST550(TL225), ST500(TL220) and ST1000(CL65), Samsung Australia provided their regional fans and customers with information’s about the newest product.

By running various events and surveys, Samsung Australia was, not able to gather more than 4,000 fans on Facebook, but they were also able to achieve a follower base of more than 1,000 within a very short time.

We, at, think that this is a very remarkable and “should be highlighted” result, since, although Samsung Australia was new to this kind of media, they were able to enable and efficiently use the features, Facebook and Twitter offer, such as the usage of hashtags.

Furthermore, through this campaign, Samsung Australia was also able to draw a lot of attention of digital imaging users in Australia, increasing the votes for “Very likely Camera from Samsung” from roughly 20% to 37.25%. (Please see below)

So if you live you in Australia you’re most welcome to join the channels:

For those, who might not know which products we’re talking about:

The Samsung ST550(TL225)/500(TL220) is the world’s first digital camera, featuring not less than two LCD’s. One 3.5” Wide touch screen on the back, and one 1.5” screen on the front.
The front LCD is supposed to help you to take self-portrait pictures, but also helps you to draw the attention of your children (by using the Childmode).

The Samsung ST1000(CL65), however, is a edge-cutting digital camera, which features Wi-Fi, GPS for Geo-Tagging, Bluetooth To keep it short and simple: If you’re often on the road, and you rely on mobile upload, the Samsung ST1000 will be your pick!

For any further information’s regarding the Samsung ST550(TL225)/500(TL220) or the Samsung ST1000(CL65), check our site.


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